We’re not an economy, we’re a society

I started the CNS blog to share my experiences of the mental health system in the UK, so it’s always going to be a little political. Sometimes those politics have to get specific.

There’s been a lot of talk from our returning government about their policies being great for the economy and for businesses. I have a few thoughts of my own to offer.

What’s really great for businesses is a workforce who, as children, had access to libraries, play groups, youth groups and a free and equal education system that values emotional literacy and life skills just as much as academic ability. Schools that build self-esteem and encourage creativity and innovation. Teachers that are able to celebrate and nurture the unique talents of each individual student, rather than being forced to reduce the vibrancy of youth to an assessment grade. Parents who are adequately supported and have time to engage with their children, instead of trying to work three jobs or living with the fear of homelessness, ever-increasing heating bills and the constant worry of how they’re going to put food on the table tomorrow.

To perform at their best, a workforce needs to know that should they fall ill, they will have access to a free health service, the quality of which doesn’t rely on their post code. That they won’t have to spend months or years in physical or emotional distress before they get the help they so desperately need. That there’s a system of support for them when their family does face illness or hardship.

As @peteprodge tweeted;

My MH issues can be incredibly disabling and today my hope for a future where I can access the services I need to stay well and live with any quality of life drifted even further away from my grasp.

I have always believed that the character of any society can be judged on its treatment of the most vulnerable. This morning I woke up to the realisation that not only do I live in a society that has been found severely lacking in understanding and compassion, but one that is proud to have been so.

Thanks to @UndercoverMutha for inspiring the title.

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