Welcome to Crazy Not Stupid.

My name is Kate Lee and I’m CNS Blogger. I’m a freelance writer and stalwart of the UK’s mental health system.

I started CNS because we live in a society where a law needs to be passed to ensure that vulnerable young people experiencing a mental health crisis are not held in a police cell. No law needs to be passed to make sure that a patient arriving at A&E with a broken leg isn’t made to stand whilst waiting.

People are still afraid to talk about mental health. Health professionals are still unsure about how to deal with people suffering from mental health issues. They still discriminate against us by withholding aspects of care that would be given without a second thought to someone else.

The name for this blog came about after a rather trying appointment (is there another kind?) with my psychiatrist. During the usual debrief and rant I exclaimed to a friend “for f@*!’s sake, I’m crazy not stupid”. Ignorance and fear around mental health issues are real and pervasive – and can be as disabling as the condition itself.

The kinder aspects of society talk about the stigma around having mental health issues, rather than the prejudices of other people. Use of the word stigma, however well meaning, means that I – and everybody else who has mental health issues – must wear the shame of other people’s ignorance. It isn’t ours to wear. This needs to stop – now.

The UK has a government that’s determined to make the most vulnerable in society pay for the financial sins of the privileged. ​Mental health issues make it difficult to believe you’re worth standing up for but now more than ever we have to find a voice whenever we can – for ourselves, our communities and for our children.

If you need help or support contact your health professional or local crisis team. In the UK you can also contact the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90.

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