A Defiant Act.

Life continues to be a challenge – both because of the events in it and the general ambivalence that still lingers around the idea of my survival. The crisis I experienced a couple of months ago has just about settled down and this week I was discharged by the crisis team. On paper it looks like a positive … More A Defiant Act.

I’ve lost my safety blanket. Thank f*@k for that.

*** This post may be triggering for some readers. Please take care of yourselves. *** September is drawing to a close and with it, Suicide Prevention Month. Talking about suicide is probably the most difficult conversation about mental health to be had. It’s also the most important. Frank discussions free from judgement and fear save … More I’ve lost my safety blanket. Thank f*@k for that.

Belonging and the power of punctuation.

I’m not one to follow trends. I’m usually much happier doing my own thing, probably because I rarely feel accepted by society, communities or groups of people. It might be more accurate to say that I feel unacceptable but whatever the truth is, I’m definitely more comfortable walking my own path. Recently two events have challenged this view. … More Belonging and the power of punctuation.

The Witch of Misery

I took part in a mental health awareness training course yesterday. It turned out to be a real eye-opener and I’ve spent most of today trying to process my feelings about it. We covered the symptoms and causes of depression and it was the latter that unsettled me the most. The trainer asked the group … More The Witch of Misery